BROOK HOUSE offers sheltered accommodation for older people comprised of 18 unfurnished flatlets for single people and 3 flats (with separate bedroom) designed for couples or a single occupant. Each unit has its own kitchenette, shower room and WC. The accommodation is provided over 3 floors each serviced by lift, stair-lift or any of 3 staircases. There is also a disability bathroom located on the first floor for our less able tenants or those convalescing. See our Photo Gallery and Floor Plans

Each floor has its own laundry for residents to do their personal washing and is provided at no additional charge. Sheets, duvet sets and towels are laundered by our own laundry worker and this is included in the rent. A small charge is levied to those residents who wish to have their personal laundry done for them. Benefit Case Studies for Brook House can be downloaded here​.

What Is Included?

The rental currently includes:

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Power

  • TV Licence (if applicable)

  • Water Rates

  • One two-course meal per day (Lunch)

  • On-site Warden (8 hours a day, reducing to 7 hours at weekends)

  • Household Laundry (i.e. sheets, pillowcases, towels)

  • All maintenance of the property, fixtures and fittings

Our tenants therefore only have to find funds for:

  • Breakfast,

  • Supper,

  • Telephone and

  • Council Tax (Band A)


in addition to their monthly rent. This means that residents do not have unexpected bills to pay each month as regards their living costs. 

Tenants should obtain contents insurance for their own possessions.


Residents are granted either starter tenancies or secure tenancies depending on circumstances. A starter tenancy will lead to a secure tenancy after 12 months if applicable.

If a resident is entitled to Housing Benefit arrangments can be made to have this paid directly into their bank account or directly to Red Devon Housing in which case the amount received would be deducted from the monthly rental.


Current rentals at Brook House (per calendar month) are as follows:

  • Single Room: £1016.76

  • Double Room (Occupied by One): £1493.39

  • Double Room (Occupied by Couple): £1867.12

Rent reviews are carried out annually and implemented from 1st April. Use our Cost Comparison to compare your monthly costs to Brook House prices.